When You May Need To Use A Lockout Service For Your Commercial Fleet

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If you are in charge of managing the commercial fleet at your business, then you might find yourself needing to use a lockout service, like Jim's Garage Inc, at one point or another. Here are a few examples of scenarios in which you might need to use one of these services.

An Employee Locks the Keys in a Vehicle

It can be easy for pretty much anyone who drives to lock their keys in a vehicle at one point or another. This might be particularly true when an employee is driving an unfamiliar vehicle and might have his or her mind on business-related matters. If one of your employees locks the keys in one of your commercial vehicles, it can be a pain. It does not have to be a big deal, though. A lockout service will be able to help, whether your employee does it at your place of business or elsewhere.

The Keys to a Vehicle Are Missing

Various people might handle the keys for your commercial fleet. For example, the vehicles might be driven by multiple employees throughout the course of a week or month. You might use a separate fleet management service to help with things like maintenance and repairs, and these individuals might end up with the keys. Because of the number of different people who might end up with the keys for your different commercial vehicles, the chance of the keys getting lost at some point are higher than they might be in more typical circumstances. If a key is lost and you cannot access or use one of your commercial vehicles, an automotive locksmith will be able to help.

A Lock or Key Is Broken

Every now and then, either a lock or a key can become broken or bent. This can happen because of mishandling or even typical wear and tear. If this happens, it can leave you and your employees in a panic. Having the lock repaired or having another key made should not be a big deal with the help of a good automotive locksmith.

These are some of the basic reasons why you might need to use a lockout service for your commercial fleet. The good news is that there are locksmiths who will be more than happy to work with your business and help with these situations and others, even when it's late at night or when it's otherwise an inconvenient time.

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