Benefits Of Using Synthetic Lubricants In Semi Trucks

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Synthetic motor oil is becoming popular in cars and trucks because of the additional protection it can add to your vehicle. Industrial synthetic motor oil offers many of those same protections but is designed for equipment like semi-trucks and heavy equipment that spends a lot of time running under a load. 

Synthetic Motor Oil

Your engine's motor oil is designed to lubricate the moving parts inside the engine and help reduce the heat inside the engine. Motor oil reduces friction and reduces the amount of heat generated as a result of the friction between parts, but synthetic motor oil does it even better. 

Industrial synthetic motor oil is engineered with additional properties to reduce friction better than standard oil. It is more resistant to heat, so the oil lasts longer. The heat generated inside the engine also breaks down regular oil, but the synthetic replacement has additives to help reduce the thermal breakdown, so the oil can do its job for longer, reducing the number of oil changes you need. 

Semi-trucks can see mileage in the millions of miles, so protecting the engine is critical. If industrial synthetic motor oil is an option, you may want to talk with the mechanic that services your truck about trying it. The tech may have more information or recommendation about the oil and what is the best fit for your truck. 

Filter Changes

You need to consider the oil filter when using industrial synthetic motor oil in your truck or equipment. The filters that are designed to work with synthetic oils have a thinner mesh and filter more material from the oil than a standard filter and contribute to the longer life associated with synthetic oils. 

While the filters do last longer than standard filters, they are significantly more expensive than standard filters. On trucks that use several filters, the cost difference may be a concern; however, the level of protection for the engine could be enough to offset the cost for drivers that own their equipment and want it to last as long as possible. 

On-The-Road Maintenance

It is essential that you make sure you have access to industrial synthetic motor oil while you are on the road if you are going to use it in your truck. Adding standard engine oil is not an option once you switch to synthetic oil. 

The different properties and thermal protection of the standard oil can reduce the effectiveness of the synthetic oil if they are mixed, so carry a few gallons of oil in your toolbox so that you can add some if you need to without worrying about damaging your engine. 

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