2 Possible Reasons For Constant Black Smoke Coming From Your Semi-Truck's Exhaust Stacks

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When you first start your semi-truck, it is normal to see a few puffs of black smoke coming out of the exhaust stacks. However, if you notice black smoke coming out of them constantly, the major cause of this darkened exhaust is that there is too much fuel and not enough oxygen being mixed in the combustion chamber.

If the ratio of fuel and oxygen is not balanced, your truck's engine will not fully burn the fuel, causing it to exit through the exhaust and create black smoke. There are a couple of possible reasons why this imbalance is occurring, causing black smoke to constantly roll out of your semi-truck's exhaust stacks.

1. Air Filter Has Become Clogged or Is Damaged, Decreasing the Supply of Oxygen

One possible reason why your truck's fuel and oxygen are imbalanced and are creating black smoke is a problem with the air filter. Normally, air will travel through the filter into the combustion chamber to deliver oxygen to the fuel.

However, if the filter has become or is damaged, the air will not flow freely, which will decrease the supply of oxygen being delivered to the combustion chamber. If this is the case, a professional needs to check the filter to see if it can be cleaned or needs to be replaced.

2. Injector Pump Is Starting to Fail and Dispersing Too Much Fuel into the Combustion Chamber

Another possible cause of the black smoke is that the injector pump is starting to fail. Normally, this pump delivers the correct amount of diesel fuel into the combustion chamber.

However, if the pump is going bad, it will start to disperse too much fuel, making it overpower the oxygen in the chamber so that it does not completely combust as it should. If this is the cause of the black smoke, a professional repair technician will need to replace the injector pump and may need to clean the injector heads.

If your semi-truck is continuously producing black exhaust smoke, there is not enough air to fully combust the fuel. This could be caused by a clogged or damaged air filter, or the injector pump may be failing and dispersing too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Whichever problem is causing the black smoke, you should have a professional find and fix it. Contact a shop that offers semi-truck repair services to speak with a representative about making an appointment.

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