Tips For Inspecting The Treads On Your Car Tires

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The tires on your car are extremely important when it comes to ensuring your safety and the general function of your vehicle. And, this means that you need to inspect your tires regularly for any signs of obvious wear and tear. Inspections include looking at the tire tread and seeing if it has worn down significantly and all four tires need to be checked over. So, how do you check the tread? There are several ways to do this.

Look At The Tread Wear Indicator

Every tear is fitted with tread wear indicators that are small metal strips that run in the main grooves of the tires. These metal strips remain covered with rubber when the tire is in good condition, but they are revealed when wear is significant enough that the rubber is worn away. When the main treads are worn down to the position of the tread wear indicators and they are visible, then this is a sign that your tires need to be replaced as soon as possible.

When the bars or strips are revealed, then the tire is typically worn to about 2/32" and this is a dangerous level for the tire. In this scenario, you may experience a complete blowout. Since the metal strips are so visible in cases of extreme wear, all you need to do is visually inspect each tire along the main tread to see if any metal parts or pieces are noted. 

Keep in mind that while some tires have several strips or wear bars, other may only have one in the center of the tire tread. This depends on the type and pattern of the tire tread.

Use A Coin

You should likely have your tires replaced well before you see a wear indicator bar or strip. You can usually check to see if tires need to be replaced by measuring the depth of the tread. There are a number of tools you can but to help with the measurements or you can use a coin and place it directly in the tread. Pennies and quarters bother work for this. 

Place your quarter or penny in the tread with the head on the coin facing down and towards you. If you have a quarter, then the tread should at least touch or cover a small portion of Washington's head. When it comes to the penny, at least half of Lincoln's head should be covered by the tire tread. 

If you are concerned that your tire treads are not as thick as they should be, then make sure to speak with a tire professional who can inspect your tires for wear and tire maintenance issues. 

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