Should You Invest In A Roadside Assistance Program For Your Commercial Fleet?

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Roadside assistance programs are commonly purchased by individuals to offer peace of mind for road trips or just regular day-to-day driving. Although it is a less well-known use case, assistance programs are no less valuable for commercial fleets. In fact, these programs can offer an unparalleled value for businesses that routinely have drivers on the road as part of their regular operations. If you haven't considered signing your fleet up for this type of coverage, these advantages may convince you that now is the perfect time to make the leap.

Assistance Programs Can Reduce Downtime

If you have vehicles on the road day in and day out, then you know that breakdowns are inevitable. These mechanical headaches can occur even in well-maintained fleets and can often be the result of situations entirely out of your control. Flat tires, bad batteries, or faulty parts can all potentially leave your vehicles stranded by the side of the road. Arranging for a tow might be easy if your fleet only operates in a limited area covered by a trusted towing company, but it is a much larger hassle if your fleet tends to cover a broader region. Having an assistance program ready to lend a hand will keep you and your drivers from wasting time on the search for a reputable towing company.

Minor Problems Can Be Solved Quickly

Towing a vehicle to replace a flat or jumpstart a dead battery is a waste of time, money, and resources. Not only do you need to pay the towing company, but you may also be stuck paying a local mechanic if your vehicle breaks down too far from your service center. Roadside assistance program drivers can help you to fix simple problems like these right on the side of the road. These quick fixes will help to keep your driver moving and avoid the potential loss of revenue that can come from having a vehicle out of commission for a whole day or longer.

Most Programs Prioritize Their Business Customers

While the typical advantages listed above are good reasons to consider subscribing to an assistance program for your fleet, the real strength comes in the way that most of these companies treat their business partners. As a fleet owner, you will be able to build a customized program that works best for your business needs. This will allow you to ensure that the towing and breakdown assistance that is offered is right for your vehicles. Customized service such as this can be especially crucial if your fleet includes heavy-duty trucks or other unusual equipment that may require special care.

The relatively small cost of a fleet roadside assistance program pales in comparison to the many advantages that they offer. By providing your fleet with coverage of this type, you will be helping to both reduce your vehicle downtime and keep your drivers safe. For more information, contact a company like Parkway Wrecker Service. 

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